James Vani

James Vani\'s background in finance consists of Broker, Wholesale, and Retail Mortgage Financing in the Commercial and Residential realm- along with an equal length of time in the Real Estate Construction field.

James Vani's background is diverse. Growing up in a family of Entrepreneur's planted the seed for self-employment at a young age. James' first job was on a construction site with his Father. James's curiosity about Real Estate led him into RE Financing. Over ten years of developing himself in the Mortgage Financing Realm Jim began to gradually work back into the Construction field. Over the years James Vani managed several General Contracting Companies from residential to commercial. With his extensive knowledge in Real Estate and Finance, he is a valuable asset to the RE field. He currently manages Commercial Construction for Prestige Group out of Downers Grove, IL.

James' recent interest in community development has spurred off a partnership in the Health Care field. James Vani is actively working on helping to slow the spread of Covid-19 by working together with Prestige Medical Group. Providing disease testing in the Chicagoland area.

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