Introtek International Inc

Located in Edgewood, NY, Introtek International produces non-invasive ultrasonic bubble detectors, liquid level sensors, blood leak detectors, flow and occlusion detectors.


For over 40 years, Introtek has been a global leader in ultrasonic technologies. With our commitment to providing safe and reliable products, Introtek leads the way to fulfill customer’s needs for fully integrated sensors that are cost-effective, highly reliable, and meet O.E.M. standards. Now providing 4th edition solutions, Introtek’s has produced non-invasive ultrasonic air bubble detectors, blood leak detectors, flow detectors and continuous liquid, and point level sensors that provide the highest degree of accuracy. Introtek’s pulse-type technology significantly reduces the effects of EMI, RFI, and other localized stimuli that can lead to your sensors failing. Our patented pulse-type ultrasonic technology revolutionizes how air-in-line and liquid level detections perform with many different fluids, including blood. All standard and custom designs are available as fully integrated stand-alone sensors for low and high volume O.E.M. applications. Contact Introtek and see how we can help find exactly what you’re looking for.


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