Inland Mobile Mechanic

Mobile mechanic services in Spokane and Spokane Valley, Washington. We bring the tools to you. Our competent technicians can work on your car anywhere it happens to be.

Inland Mobile Mechanic is your premier option if you are searching for vehicle services in or around Spokane.

Anytime your car needs work the easiest action would be to have the mechanic come directly to your location instead of having your vehicle brought to the garage. In this case, call Inland Mobile Mechanic.

We take the garage to you. Our competent technicians can work on your vehicle anywhere it happens to be, sparing you the hassle of fussing with tow trucks or having to organize transportation.

We offer a number services including:

Brake pad and caliper service

Radiator service

Heater / Air conditioner service

Oil Change

Tune ups

Computer diagnostics

Call now for a mobile mechanic in the greater Spokane Area.



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