Hyde Park Insurance

Whether you rent from a landlord, a real estate agent or even a buddy, homeowners insurance usually covers everything from broken windows to plumbing disasters.

Home Renters Insurance in Burnaby protects you from unforeseen dangers that could result in damage to your residence and belongings. At Safe-Lane, we understand the importance of home owners insurance in Burnaby and offer a wide range of home renters insurance plans to meet the specific needs of your family. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the right plan for your needs. Contact us today to set up an appointment. Winter is upon us, and with it comes water damage and other weather-related emergencies. In order to protect your home and belongings from optional losses, homeowners insurance in Burnaby can help. Home renters insurance is a form of limited liability that provides some coverage for your personal property, but not the contents of your home. Home renters insurance covers specific items like household belongings, computers, jewelry and more.


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