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Welcome to Hami Law House, working with two modules Law firm and Education for judicial service exam we will provide you free legal consultant and guidance. Please Visit Www.hamilawhouse.com

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<p>Welcome to the Hami Law House, we will try our best to play an important role in the journey of your success. Judicial service exam is one of the most important and well known entrance examination. This exam conduct by every state board. Our mission with judicial service aspirants to mentor, motivate guide and accompany them in their education journey till they cross the milestone of their coveted entrance examination. Hami Law House will organize a Law Series as well as the Hami Law Test Series on issues related to law and important topics coming up in the judicial service exam.</p> <p>Hami law house provides an interactive online platform that provides free online test series to candidates preparing for judicial service in any city of India, understanding on law related issues, faster grip on writing in Mains exam and Makes it easy, because you stand here among those who have gained experience of judicial service here, you will get the exam schedule according to the judicial service exam&rsquo;s mind and continuously you will also have test series available. Also on this platform you will find columns of legal advice, library, news updates, and latest judgments.</p> <p>We are not a law firm, nor do we promote any advocate referral services, or in any way. The purpose of our team is to help as many people as possible. The Hami Law House is referred to by the Hami Public Assistance Trust (Indian Trust Act 1882).</p> <p>Our Services Area ????</p> <p>WRIT PETITION&nbsp;</p> <p>SPECIAL LEAVE PETITION (SLP)</p> <p>PUBLIC INTEREST LITIGATION (PIL)</p> <p>ANTICIPATORY BAIL&nbsp;</p> <p>NCLT MATTERS&nbsp;</p> <p>ARBI TRATION MATTERS</p> <p>APPEAL WORK</p> <p>BANKING AND FINANCE&nbsp;</p> <p>CHEQUE BOUNCE&nbsp;</p> <p>CHILD CUSTODY&nbsp;</p> <p>CONSUMER COURT&nbsp;</p> <p>CRIMINAL COURT [MURDER , RAPE , ETC. ]</p> <p>CUSTOMS AND CENTRAL EXCISE</p> <p>CYBER CRIME&nbsp;</p> <p>DIVORCE&nbsp;</p> <p>MUSLIM LAW CONSTITUTIONAL MATTERS&nbsp;</p> <p>DOCUMENTATION</p> <p>DOMESTIC VIOLENCE&nbsp;</p> <p>OTHER FAIMLY MATTER&nbsp;</p> <p>MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE&nbsp;</p> <p>PROPERTY MATTER</p> <p>RECOVERY MATTER</p> <p>RERA MATTER&nbsp;</p> <p>SUCCESSION ON CERTIFICATE MATTER&nbsp;</p> <p>WILL AND TRUST REGISTRATIONS AND TRUSTEES DISPUTE MATTER</p> <p>Sexual Harassments,</p> <p>FIR Filing / Quashing,</p> <p>Murder / Attempt to Murder,</p> <p>&nbsp;File for Divorce,</p> <p>&nbsp;Reply / Send Legal Notice for Divorce,</p> <p>&nbsp;Contest / Appeal in Divorce Case,</p> <p>&nbsp;Dowry Demand / Domestic Violence / Abuse,</p> <p>&nbsp;Alimony / Maintenance Issue,</p> <p>Child Custody Issue,</p> <p>Extramarital Affair / Cheating,</p> <p>Muslim Marriage Issues,</p> <p>Marital Finance / Property Issues,</p> <p>&nbsp;Family / In-law Problems,</p> <p>Family Property Dispute,</p> <p>Transfer of Ancestral Property,</p> <p>Builder Delay / Fraud,</p> <p>Gifting of Property,</p> <p>Municipal Corporation Issues,</p> <p>Divorce / Matrimonial Issue,</p> <p>Succession of Property / Assets,</p> <p>Property Dispute / Partition,</p> <p>Family Dispute,</p> <p>Gift of Assets,</p> <p>Adoption / Surrogacy,</p> <p>Reply / Send Legal Notice in Financial Case,</p> <p>Salary Delay / Non payment of Salary / Dues,</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>


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