HOPPING LAW GROUP, PC is a Texas-based law firm specializing in corporate, employment, and Nondisclosure Attorney. we also offer legal services for expungement cases, helping clients clear their criminal records.

The Hopping Law Group, PC is a leading expungement, nondisclosure, and pardon law firm serving the State of Texas. Our team of skilled attorneys specialize in helping individuals clear their criminal records, protect their privacy, and regain their peace of mind. With our expertise in Texas law and commitment to client satisfaction, we provide comprehensive legal solutions for those seeking a fresh start. Whether you need an expungement, nondisclosure, or pardon, trust us to provide comprehensive and effective legal representation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a brighter future. We’ve all heard the expression that everyone deserves a second chance. Our firm\'s mission is provide individuals with an opportunity to erase their embarrassing past mistakes in order to look forward to a brighter future. You need people in your corner who know the system and can fight for your rights to get you the outcome you deserve. Everyone, at some point, has made a mistake or has been in the wrong place at the wrong time resulting in trouble. For some, that trouble can lead to a criminal record reflecting an arrest, charge, or conviction. Texas law does allow individuals to remove information about an arrest, charge, or conviction from their permanent records in certain circumstances. This is called an expunction. Once a person’s record is expunged, all information is removed from the criminal record and that person can deny the incident ever occurred.


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