Good leadership leaves its mark | Learn from Jason Heyward

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Leadership is a quality that has a lot of dimensions. It is required in every field of our life. The importance of leadership is visible in the midst of chaos. 


Especially when it comes to sports. Anyone who wants to thrive in this field needs to understand the meaning of leadership. One has to learn the art of following before leading.


The leader knows what it is like to be in someone else’s shoes. Which gives the person the power of understanding and judgement. A great example of this quality is the famous baseball player Jason Heyward.


He has been a crucial part of the team. Establishing his worth in front of the world in 2009 by winning the minor league player award, he ensured his place with the Chicago Cubs team.  


He is known for his leadership qualities for the major part. Since his joining, the team has improved massively and won multiple awards. The players even advanced in their baseball journey as well.


He has a major fan following and has multiple merchandise such as the Jason Heyward Jerseys which are in high demand during the maximum amount of time. 


Such a player deserves all the support and love from people. He is still going strong and is helping the Cubs get stronger day by day.



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