Go Pepara

Say No To Plastic, Switch to Paper Straws

Go Pepara provides eco-friendly yet durable paper straws at affordable prices. They also provide cocktail paper straws in bulk for wholesalers and distributors. Get in touch with them to know more about their chemical free and FDA food-grade approved colored (black and white) paper drinking straws.


The average time it takes for plastic to decompose is 450 years. Knowingly and unknowingly over 100 million marine animals are killed each year due to plastic debris in the ocean. Currently, there is approx 100 million tons of man-thrown plastic in oceans around the world.  And with the USA using 500 million straws every day (enough straws to circle around the Earth 2.5 times!), that’s a lot of trash and potential litter that we need to deal with. We can make a different by avoiding the use of plastic in our day to day life from endangering life of innocent species. If we won’t take any action, plastic will outlive us and the marine life.
Do not repeat past mistakes. Do what you can today.


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