Hi everyone. In my life there was a lot of reading and learning something new. Since childhood, I have loved to read, so now 95 percent of my life consists of helping people write essays, abstracts and so on. Here I want

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<p><strong>Algorithm of writing an essay</strong><br /> - Read the topic carefully<br /> - Define the thesis, the idea, the main idea that you are going to<br /> prove .<br /> - Select arguments to support your thesis:<br /> &nbsp; &nbsp;A) logical proofs, arguments;<br /> &nbsp; &nbsp;B) examples, situations, cases, facts from your own life or from literature;<br /> &nbsp; &nbsp;C) opinions of authoritative people, quotations<br /> - Distribute the selected arguments<br /> - Think of an introduction to the argument (on the basis of the topic and the the main idea of the text, possibly including sayings of great sayings, catch phrases, proverbs or sayings that reflect the problem the given problem. You can begin the essay with a rhetorical question or exclamation, appropriate to the topic).<br /> - State your point of view.<br /> - Formulate a general conclusion.</p> <p><em>State your opinion, reason, analyze, do not substitute evaluation by retelling theoretical sources.</em></p> <p><br /> <strong>References</strong></p> <p><br /> <strong>An essay</strong> is a miniature research paper; it must conform to all the technical and ethical standards accepted in the scientific community citations. All <a href=\"\">bid4papers</a>&nbsp;, transpositions, or summaries fragments of published and handwritten texts must be<br /> Clearly attributed, that is, the texts in question are he primary sources should be explicitly cited in footnotes or the text of the original source texts should be clearly indicated in footnotes or in a bibliographic list in accordance with the existing standards of bibliographic description of sources. Materials from of the Internet are also publications and should be included in bibliography.</p> <p><br /> <strong>General essay evaluation criteria</strong></p> <p><br /> - Presentation of the own point of view<br /> - Disclosure of the problem on a theoretical level (use of terminology, familiarity with sources, Ability to creatively use various sources and referring to them)<br /> - Content and quality of argumentation<br /> - Style and internal organization (clarity, orderliness, coherence, and logicality<br /> exposition)<br /> - Presentation of the essay (work design)</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

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