FontanaShowers offers many modern bathroom fixtures, including contemporary showers, hydromassage bathtubs, LED shower heads, state-of-the-art LED shower systems, commercial-grade touchless bathroom faucets.

FontanaShowers is a trusted service-based business in the USA. It was founded in 1991. We offer a variety of designs for anything from residential to commercial and are committed to providing exemplary customer service from start to finish and a wide range of automatic soap dispensers and touchless bathroom faucets.FontanaShowers is committed to incorporating the latest technology and modern designs into its products, including our commercial touchless bathroom faucets. These faucets are an excellent addition to any public space or commercial setting, prioritizing user comfort, hygiene, and water conservation. Technology has allowed us to utilize more hygienic and convenient approach to the use of infra-red technology to enhances the hand washing experience, while the innovative and modern designs cater to traditional and contemporary designs Our commercial touchless bathroom faucets have been designed with focus in mind user comfort, utmost hygiene standards and water conservation. All brought to you by our highly skilled engineers who have made use of the best infra-red technology to elevate hand washing experience. Our innovative and modern designs are a perfect fit for both traditional and contemporary designs. Thus our commercial Touchless Bathroom Faucets will fit seamlessly in such restroom application environment. From public restrooms, to airports, restaurants, hospitals and hotels, we have a design and finish to suit your needs.


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