Flat World Communication LLC

Flat World Communication LLC is a state-of-the-art media marketing and design agency, offering Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Design, and Web Development services to a constant growing list of clients.

Flat World Communication LLC is the best in class media marketing and design agency, with major offices in Miami (USA), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Bogota (Colombia) and exclusive partners in Dublin (Ireland), Madrid (Spain) and Mexico City (Mexico). The company evolved in the year 1995 and from the last 25 years it is providing creative solutions to clients around the world.

Our main areas of expertise are: Pharma, engineering, tourism and editorial. The company is loaded with awards and recognition for it’s reliable work. The services that we provide to our growing list of clients are:

1. Marketing
2. Web Design And Development
3. Graphic Design
4. Mobile App development
5. Engineering Design


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