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Engage in quality firearms and ammunition\'s of different brands. A major force in the firearms market, TLS was founded by 3 avid shooters. We saw (and still see) the need to provide access to the best and latest gear at

Since its inception, The Last Stand has focused on providing the best quality guns, parts and accessories for the best price possible. Following year after year of exponential growth, our core principle remains the same, and our commitment to freedom before profit remains unwavering.

Putting guns into “common use” is an important legal defense established by the Supreme Court that safeguards the rights of the people against tyranny by prohibiting restrictions on firearms found to be “in common use”. Putting any gun into “common use” protects against any attempt by the government to further infringe on the Second Amendment right of all Americans.

Our focus on firearms and shooting related equipment allows us to buy in large quantities, and pass the savings to you. Everyone who works at TLS, from the owners to the shipping crew, are shooters first. We absolutely love what we do!


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What a great place to be with an outstanding service and products.

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