Fashion Kilt

Fashion Kilt™, USA - shop modern collection of mens kilts. We provide custom made kilts in authentic clan tartans including scottish, irish & welsh kilts for sale.

Our objective is to make you feel confident while wearing your Kilt. When you wear Kilt or any other clothes which you have designed for yourself and when it fits you as per your desired measurement & fittings, it is the most confident feeling you would ever have. The satisfaction you can have in custom made Kilt you will not get in mass manufactured Kilts. if are tired of wasting time looking for Kilt that actually fit and you are not able to find Kilt in colors and styling you like. If you feel confident in wearing good fitting clothing and want something which is made exclusively for you, is for you. We specialize in custom Kilt for tall men, custom Kilt for tall women, custom Kilt for short and petite men and women, custom Kilt for plus size men and women and for everyone else including kids. Customization of Kilts give you the perfect fit as the Kilt is not mass made but tailor made specifically for you. Make your own Kilt online with us and get the perfect fitted custom Kilt. Perfect Quality - Fashion Kilt We only use the best materials and techniques to manufacture custom made Kilts to ensure that our products are of superb quality. Every Kilt you order is specially tailored and hand made for you. We have wide variety of fabrics such as 100% Cotton, Polyester Cotton, light weight to heavy weight denim fabric, colored fabric to enable us to make your custom Kilt based on your specifications. We source our fabrics from premier manufacturers. Kilts for All - Fashion Kilt We cater to custom made Kilt for kids, boys, girls, Men, Women, etc from short to tall, big and small, every shapely size in between, in fact we recommend this to every individual, who is not satisfied with readymade Kilt. 24” Kilt drop length Tall men and women while purchasing Kilts are either stuck with spending fortune on their Kilts or men end up looking in the women section to find skirt to fit their required length. However the perfect long Kilt is just a click away, Fashion Kilt is the perfect solution for tall men and women, now you can order your Kilt in any drop length.. Custom Kilt for short and petite men and women If you are short and petite in stature and tired of looking for Kilt to match your size you should try, made to measure your body type and stature. Because it is made specifically for you it gives you a very good fit and makes you feel confident. Custom Kilt For plus size men and women It is impossible to find custom Kilts for plus size men and women readily in the market. When we started designing custom made Kilt for plus size men and women, we come to know that each person is unique in their own way. And it is very interesting to see that how well fitted Kilt can help you to look good. is specialized in custom Kilts. We understand different body type and craft Kilt accordingly Best Price - custom made Kilt We make your Kilt to fit your desires, your measurements and your special requirements at affordable prices. No more buying high priced pre-made designer Kilt that just don\'t fit quite right. Our mission is to provide the consumer with a cutting edge designer look with the opportunity to individualize it at the same time. Our Kilt starts from USD 50 only. Cloning Do you have a Kilt you really like and can’t find another like them? We can help you. Send us your favorite Kilt no matter how old, worn or patched up. Our team will take the measurements for you, make your unique pattern and make a pair of Custom Kilt as close as possible. We can even make any changes you feel will give you a better fit. At last you can have your Kilt just the way you want! We will make and send your new custom Kilt and return your favorite pair in approximately 2 weeks. Your pattern will go into our database and you may re-order anytime, you can provide us with any changes you wish to make to the measurements we have saved. Worldwide Shipping of Fashion Kilts We deliver Fashion Kilts in United States, UK, Canada, France, Germany Australia, Russia, Norway, Denmark, Italy and every other place you can think of. You can check the shipping calculator on our website to derive the delivery charges for your country.


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