Exhaust Away supplies a complete line of exhaust hoses for the automotive industry for out-the-door, overhead, or in-floor exhaust removal hoses systems

\"Exhaust Away is a leading manufacturer and supplier of exhaust hoses for automotive applications. Developed using rubber and plastic, these hoses are developed to withstand challenging work environments in garages and automobile facilities. The hoses are provided in custom configurations to meet the application requirements. All exhaust hoses and their accessories are made in the USA using high-quality domestically sourced raw materials. Types of Products Provided by Exhaust Away Exhaust Away designs and manufactures the following type of products: • Exhaust Hoses: Exhaust Away provides exhaust hoses made of rubber or fabric as well as wire, which can efficiently drive away exhaust fumes of carbon monoxide produced in the vehicle engine. These hazardous exhaust fumes, which escape from engines of the vehicle, may cause serious health issues to people who inhale it regularly. To avoid this, Exhaust Away provides the following type of exhaust hoses, which offers the right combination of heat resistance, durability, and flexibility. o ACT: These garage hoses are available in different sizes, with or without wires. They can resist fumes, oil, and gasoline. Proven to resist aging and high temperatures, these hoses are used for chemical fume extraction, carbon monoxide exhaust, paint spray extraction, and so on. o FLARELOK: The hoses of this type are distinguishable due to their flared ends. These flared ends ensure quick connection to tubes of various lengths. Also, these flared ends require no addition parts for connection. FLARELOK hoses are available in different configurations. o MODOR: MODOR is the abbreviation of Multipurpose Over-Head Drop or Reel series hoses. As the name suggest, these hoses are designed for overhead drop and reel systems. Made of a 20′ fabric and wire and 5′ of rubber hose material (100% rubber hose material), this hose can easily withstand heavy impacts, as well as high temperatures up to 570⁰F. o TELESCOPING: These are lightweight hoses, which can be easily fitted to any existing overhead systems, and they require no accessories, too. o DYNO: These hoses are mainly designed for dynamometers, and are ideal for applications, where excessive bending or crushing may occur. In short, they are ideal for crush proof applications. o High Temperature: Exhaust Away provides exhaust hoses in wire and fabric options. These hoses can easily withstand temperatures up to 2000ºF. o Superflex: These hoses are designed as super flexible, and they possess accordion type design. This design helps avoid kinking and bending in applications, where tight bends are involved. • Hose Fittings and Connectors: Exhaust Away provides hose fittings and connectors for a wide range of applications. A few of these include: o Door Ports: They are designed to fit 1\"\", 3\"\", and 4\"\" hoses. These door ports are put on each side of the hose door and connected using screws. o Elbows: Exhaust Away provides rubber and aluminum elbows, which are used to connect two overhead pulley and underfloor systems. o Overhead Connectors: These connectors are designed to connect exhaust hoses to T ductwork used in overhead applications. o Splices: They are used to connect two different hoses. Exhaust Away provides aluminum and rubber splices. Of these, aluminum splices possess external threads, whereas rubber splices are suited for crush proof applications. o Y Connectors: These connectors are used to connect three pieces of hoses to create a Y assembly. Y connectors are widely used in dual exhaust vehicles. • Adapters: Exhaust Away provides diesel stack and tailpipe adapters, which helps improve the life of a hose by enabling uniform heat distribution, as well as improves the fume capturing capabilities of exhaust system. When used with a fan assisted system, these adapters can withstand temperatures up to 600°F. Always make sure to leave at least ½” gap around the outside of the tailpipe or stack to allow ambient air to enter the system. The company provides the following types of adapters: o Wire Hose Adapters: These adapters comprise a two feet hose with a crushproof construction. Wire hose adapter (WHA) series of adapters feature a slightly tapered cuff, which makes it easy to clamp over any existing style of hose. o Diesel Stack Adapters: As the name indicates, these adapters are used for diesel exhaust applications and are ideal for vertical stacks. o Straight Adapters: These adapters are used on round pipes, and they are fixed to the underside of the vehicle using a hook and chain to keep them in place. o Oval Adapters: They are designed for twin pipes or oval tailpipes are fixed to the vehicle using a hook and chain, suction cup, and friction fit. o Universal Adapters: These adapters are suited for a wide range of tailpipes. They feature reducing tabs, which allows the user to minimize the size of the opening to accommodate small tailpipes. • Y Assemblies: Exhaust Away provides Y assemblies, which enable the conversion of a single hose to a dual hose kit used during the servicing of trucks and cars. The company provides Y assemblies such as YA250, YA300, YA400, YA575, YA3675, YA4475D, and YA675-SC. \"


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