Elysian Med Spa

Med Spa, Dysport, Juvederm/restylane, Fat Reduction, Cellulite/ Skin Tightening, Chemical Peels, Derma Plaining, Hair Removal, Kybella, Skincare, Nutrition & Weight Management Companies

Unique to London and the surrounding areas, Elysian Med Spa merges the safety and effectiveness of a medical facility with the tranquility and opulence of a spa. Locally owned and operated by medical professionals, we offer tailored non-surgical medical cosmetic procedures and esthetic spa treatments in a relaxing atmosphere, resulting in the perfect blend of luxury, medicine, and the art of esthetics.

All treatments are administered by Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, and/or licensed Registered Nurses (with minimum of a bachelors degree, RN, BSN’s) in the comfort and relaxing environment of our deluxe facility. Second to your safety and well-being, patient service and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Service Elysian Med Spa provide

Permanent Fat Reduction

We offer KYBELLA® to reduce fullness under the chin, along with UltraShape® which will permanently destroy fat, tighten skin, and reduce cellulite.

Wrinkle Reduction & Facial Enhancement

We offer Wrinkle Reduction treatments including BOTOX® and Dysport®, as well as fillers like Juvéderm and Restylane® to to provide healthier, younger looking skin.

Skin Conditions / Discoloration & Acne Correction

Our crystal microdermabrasion and chemical peels, including Rejuvenize Peel™ and Vitalize Peel®, can minimize the appearance of skin imperfections and provide softer, smoother skin.

Laser Hair Removal

Our Laser Hair Removal removes unwanted hair by means of a laser light that destroy the hair follicle, offering permanent hair reduction to help you achieve the smooth sexy skin you’ve been dreaming of.

Vein Treatment

Our sclerotherapy and laser vein removal can help you remove those unsightly spider veins, keeping your legs attractive and youthful.

Skin Care Products

We carry a variety of skin care products from the brands you trust, including SkinMedica®, SkinCeuticals, and Baby Foot™.

Brows, Lashes & Permanent Makeup

At Elysian Med Spa, we provide many options to enhance your eyebrows and eyelashes, as well as permanent makeup options including Eyebrow Lamination, Microblading & Shading, Eyelash Lifts & Extensions & More.


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