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Funeral Consulting, Insurance, Estate Planning, Pre-Need & At-Need Funeral Planning Let us be the helping hand by doing the heavy lifting, making the hard phone calls, gathering the necessary information, for funeral

“Our vision is to provide peace, and support during one of life’s most difficult times, by extending a helping hand, and sound mind to achieve the most unique, desirable, and memorable goodbyes for family and friends.”

When death is imminent or has happened a person's mind is all over the place and emotions are on overload with reminiscing, over-thinking, and rational thinking takes a pause. It is not always at a peak operation. We as Funeral Consultants, step in to take up the mantle where one may drop the ball by way of support, education, and rationality. We assist the family by becoming their hands, eyes, and ears, by being an unbiased party to support you and your family's best interest at hand.

We will work with the various entities to achieve the goal of preserving the family's wishes and desires along with keeping the integrity of the financial decisions that need to be made during this time of need. Nothing is worse than having to rise the day after the death of a loved one and now having to gear up to deal with a bunch of companies and people and having demands and needing to make decisions under such a fragile state. We want to be the light at the beginning and the end of the tunnel.

Let us be your helpmate, let us do the errands, and let us be the family's liaison to communicate on your behalf while you begin the process of grieving and preparing yourself to say goodbye. We work directly for you and with you to ensure all of your wishes are carried out in the letter. Let our years of industry experience be the difference. Think of us as your Personal Assistant.


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