Eoeo originally created to be a specialist vape shop that brought legitimate product choices and better quality to vapers, we’ve since expanded to offer the most comprehensive range of products in the UK.

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<p>About Us</p> <p><strong>&#39;EVERYTHING WE DO IS TO HELP CREATE A HEALTHIER SMOKE FREE FUTURE FOR THE UK&#39;</strong></p> <p>Our Website</p> <p>UK URL:&nbsp;<a href=\"https://eoeo.co.uk/\">eoeo.co.uk</a><br /> U.S. URL:&nbsp;<a href=\"https://eoeo.co.uk/\">eoeovape.com</a></p> <p>Our history</p> <p>Eoeo originally created to be a specialist vape shop that brought legitimate product choices and better quality to vapers, we&rsquo;ve since expanded to offer the most comprehensive range of products in the UK. By trading online and on the high street our aim was to be an accessible resource for people who like to try before they buy as well as catering to those too far to visit a shop. Since then,&nbsp;Eoeo has grown considerably.&nbsp;We look for business partners to make everyone our salesman, helping people quit smoking while giving people jobs and wealth.</p> <p>Us and Elf Bar</p> <p>We manufacture in the same factory as Elf Bar. In terms of taste, our taste is comparable to elf bar, but in terms of price, we are more favorable, buy more and save.&nbsp;We will be your best choice, which is why most people choose us.</p> <p>Why do we do it?</p> <p>First and foremost, we are here to provide a safer alternative to smoking. The benefits of people making the switch from smoking to vaping are numerous. From better health, quality of life and longer life expectancy. Everything we do is to help create a healthier, smoke free future for the UK. In helping current smokers quit and educating future generations we want to facilitate a change that means people don&rsquo;t pick up the habit in the first place. Our motivation to do this comes from first hand experience. Most of our staff are ex-smokers so we know the process, the struggles you might face and we also know every person&rsquo;s journey is going to be different. It can be a daunting prospect giving up a habit that&rsquo;s been an integral part of your life for some time so we want to enable anyone wanting to make that change to be armed with the right knowledge and tools to do so.</p> <p>How do we do it?</p> <p>We&rsquo;re not here to be just another vape shop. We know every single customer that walks through our door is at a different part of their vaping journey. You might have just quit smoking, or been vaping for a while already - and we know everyone has unique needs in their quitting journey. Our job is to find what&rsquo;s best for you. We give you the best expert help we can by starting right at square one - looking at your current smoking or vaping habits to help get everything just right. From the device you need, to your vape liquid and nicotine strength. We&rsquo;re not here to sell you the most expensive equipment, we&rsquo;d much rather find what&rsquo;s going to give you the best chance of leaving smoking behind you and keeping it that way. Whether you shop with us online or in one of our brick and mortar stores, we&rsquo;re here to provide an outstanding shopping experience through our staff, our knowledge and our extensive product range.</p>

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