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Business, law, and international commercial issues are at the heart of Di Martino Law Group\'s legal practice. Our lawyers have been involved in the practice of law for more than forty years

Di Martino Law Group centers its legal practice on the intersection of business, law and international commercial matters. With offices in the United States and in Europe our law firm offers legal representation to clients with business interests in both sides of the Atlantic. Our lawyers have been involved in the practice of law for more than forty years specializing in the diverse areas of law, business and related public policy. Di Martino Law Group offers assistance in the diversified areas of international law and international business law. Our practice focuses on International Business Relations, parent-subsidiary issues and relations, dual taxation matters between the United States and E.U. countries, Probate and Estate Law as well as U.S. and European Property Law. Our law firm also provides legal assistance and advice to foreign governmental entities in the development or protection of their foreign interests in the United States.


Our firm has provided assistance to American and foreign clients in securing business or working visas for their executives or employees. We also assist private individuals in their immigration prospects to the United States whether for business, family or as extraordinary skilled immigrants; 

Businesses engage with contracts in every aspect of their operations, from starting, buying, selling, or running a company. Contracts are a part of every business and they are business tools that should be used strategically and thoughtfully. These contracts might be formal or informal written contracts, or legal documents.

Corporate and contract law are two of the most important aspects of business law.Corporate law deals with the formation and operation of corporations, while contract law governs the formation and performance of contracts. Both areas of law are essential to businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to large multinational corporations.


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