D.A. Lamont Public Adjusters

D. A. Lamont Public Adjusters specializes in large loss insurance claims. We have licensed professionals in estimating, preparing, and negotiating large loss property damage claims.

D. A. Lamont Public Adjusters will work with you to ensure that a claim is started in accordance with your policy and that you receive the compensation that your insurance company owes you. Our Team is certified to use state-of-the-art tools to find and/or document any areas of your property that have been altered by a storm or disaster. The D. A. Lamont Team works with the only testing lab in the country that performs tests strictly for the policyholder. D. A. Lamont Public Adjusters are known industry wide for our integrity and success in proving claims to the insurance company. We are licensed professionals in estimating, preparing and negotiating property damage claims. Property Insurance policies obligate the policyholder to provide a claim to the insurance company. D. A. Lamont Public Adjusters are trained to identify covered damage and estimate appropriate repair or replacement costs. Additionally, they are familiar with the insurance industry and its customs and practices. We are able to present claims in such a way as to assure the most favorable outcome for the insured. D.A. LAMONT PUBLIC ADJUSTERS\' mission is to achieve the highest standards in being the most professional and successful, as well as efficient in any claim settlement while serving the best interests of the policyholder. We stand to exceed expectations while priding ourselves in ethics, respect, loyalty, integrity, and professionalism. Owner Don Lamont, started the company in March 2011. Don’s genuine desire to help people is part of the reason that he started the firm, D.A. Lamont Public Adjusters. Mr. Lamont wanted to make sure business and commercial property owners/policyholders were being treated fairly by their insurance companies and that their claims were adjusted properly. Don is dedicated to staying on the cutting-edge of technology to help us present claims in a clear and precise manner. D. A. Lamont Public Adjusters have evolved more every year because of extensive education for all of our employees, more and more state-of-the-art tools for detecting “damage” and advancing in technical knowledge and know-how.


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