Cash Flow Mike

We Assist Entrepreneurs And Their Advisors In Discover Hidden Cash In Their Companies. Cash Flow Mike might be of assistance if you want more than to study business ideas and believe that your firm would benefit.

After creating a profitable, rapidly expanding hotel staffing business, Mike had a significant cash flow issue. He was forced to max out his credit cards and take out a home equity loan to pay his employees. At the same time, he waited for payment from his clients. The pressure and anxiety of this circumstance drove Mike to become Cash Flow Mike by driving him to study everything he could about small business cash flow. The Clear Path to Cash Community Immersion Program is for you if you\'ve ever had trouble sleeping because you worried about whether you could pay your bills or make payroll. Discover the secrets of income flow and create a business that supports your lifestyle immediately. The programme includes: Live virtual seminar, a step-by-step help video course, live weekly group coaching, 1-1 financial analysis with Cash Flow Mike, a Digital learning bundle and a Private Facebook community. Here are the things we\'ll concentrate on if you choose to work with us on your group: Analysis: We concentrate on what\'s crucial, like money, and what\'s holding you back from obtaining it. Diagnosis: A cause-and-effect diagram that we provide will assist you in understanding the connections between the levers in your company is the diagnosis. Thanks to this approach, you will be assured that you are moving in the right direction. Treatment: A cheat sheet was made. The Financial Doctor Diagnosis Cheat Sheet not only assists you in determining the issue but also offers some potential fixes for you to consider. It simplifies and facilitates the procedure as a whole. Using the above-described process, we have assisted over 4000 business owners in locating more than $150 million in hidden cash. All in all, we help you in business and bring out the profit in your businesses that you are unaware of, so join us today for the growth of your business and you.


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