Cambridge Dental Studio: Alex Yen DDS

Cambridge Dental Studio offers state-of-the-art technology, friendly, compassionate staff, and a comfortable, spa-like environment that gives you an unparalleled dental experience.

Located in Palo Alto, we work hard to make your time with us effortless and enjoyable. Our attention to every detail delivers exceptional results you’ll be happy with.


Our dentists are known for their gentle touch, calm and comforting demeanors that put our patients at ease. There is no dental fear that they have not experienced. They are incredibly diligent about explaining the procedures, so you know what to expect exactly. 


We want everyone to feel safe, secure, heard, and respected which is why we are a multilingual office speaking not only English but Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.


A glance at the wide range of services we offer: 


  • Checkups & Cleaning: Dental Exam, Dental Cleaning, Teeth Polishing & Fluoride Treatments

  • Restorations: Root Canals, Extractions, Crowns, Bridges, Dentures & Composite Fillings

  • Cosmetic: Teeth Whitening, Bonding, Inlays, Overlays & Implants

  • Orthodontist: Invisalign & Clear Braces

  • Surgery: Gum Grafts, Tissue Repair & Deep Cleaning

  • Laser Dentistry: Hard Tissue Procedures, Soft Tissue Procedures & Other Procedures

  • Emergencies 


We are skilled family dental professionals who have one mission: getting you a gorgeous smile that will be with you for life.


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