CTRLCare Behavioral Health Princeton

The dedicated and highly qualified wellness team at CTRLCare Behavioral Health Princeton will work collaboratively with you and your support network to highlight your strengths and design a personalized plan using.

At CTRLCare Behavioral Health Princeton, we provide personalized treatment for behavioral health disorders, eating disorders and problematic technology use. Our supportive environment allows clients to heal while also learning essential coping skills. With the strong correlation between behavioral health and technology use preoccupation, it’s most effective to treat these issues together in a caring, compassionate program setting. CTRLCare is New Jersey’s premier Mental Health and Technology Wellness treatment provider and is committed to assisting clients reclaim their emotional health in a safe and nurturing environment. Our dedicated wellness team at CTRLCare Behavioral Health Princeton provides a non judgemental space allowing for positive change and emotional growth. We respect confidentiality and honor everyone’s experiences.


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