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Cruising California Auto Detailing & Ceramic Coating | PPF offers our clients a high level of auto detailing. Serving San Diego & surrounding areas. At our shop in El Cajon, we specialize in paint correction.

Our professional ceramic coating packages are an advanced layer of vehicle paint and surface enhancement that can be the key to your ride looking glossier and more pristine than even the day you purchased it! Unlike traditional waxes and spray sealants that simply sit on the surface of a vehicle, the ceramic coating formulas we install bond with the surface we hand apply them to via nanoparticles in the coating itself. This creates a durable and long-lasting shield that does in some cases act as a sacrificial layer designed to defend your finish from stains and heavy contaminants. With its hydrophobic properties, ceramic coatings also make cleaning much easier, as dirt and grime have a harder time sticking to the coated surface and water beads up and runs off. ceramic coating specalists Ceramic coating installation is a meticulous process requiring professional expertise that our team possesses, giving your vehicle the best results. We offer packages that feature several layers, and each must cure for a certain period before the next is added - All methods that we have perfected at CCA Detailing & Ceramic Coating | PPF. The installation process can be intricate and time-consuming, and we will dedicate the appropriate amount of time to everything from detailing and installation through the curing process. If you are interested in getting a ceramic coating for your vehicle, trust the true specialists in the field of ceramic coating installation found here at CCA Detailing & Ceramic Coating | PPF. We have an excellent reputation in the El Cajon area as being ceramic coating experts and educational vehicle detailers, leading in customer service and quality installation efforts. A quick quote for ceramic coating installation is available upon your request - All you have to do is click below to access our FREE price estimate form and collect your quote now. Remember that we will also perform an in-person inspection prior to installing your selected ceramic coating.


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