Get your musical instruments from India's leading musical brand Kadence, we have wide range of instruments which includes guitar, ukulele, violin, piano etc.

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Get your musical instruments from India's leading musical brand Kadence, we have wide range of instruments which includes guitar, ukulele, violin, piano etc.Buy the Best Guitars at Kadence.In - One Of India's Top Brands for All Types of Guitars. Buy Now and Get A Free Learning Course. Enjoy Quick Free Delivery.Get The Best and Most Affordable Ukuleles at Kadence.In- India's Most Trusted Brand for All Types of Ukuleles. Buy Now to Get a Free Learning Course.Explore Premium Piano Options At Super Affordable Prices. Buy now and get a free learning course. Enjoy Quick and free delivery. ????Explore The World of Mandolins - An Instrument with Great History and Even Greater Versatility. Kadence.In Offers The Best, Low-Cost Options for Mandolins. Get Yours Now!

music can be a conduit for memories: a reminder of someone, something, and of who we once were. Music pushes us past our dark times and makes the bright ones even brighter.

Why the Guitar?

Guitars – There is a popular figure of speech that goes: “Jack of all trades, master of none”; and the Guitar does not conform to it. 

It is the master of all trades! 

Guitars are polyphonic instruments, meaning that they have the ability to produce more than one note at a time.

The instrument has made its way to all sorts of genres with its versatile nature, from folk to rock, artists and appearances change but the Guitar remains a constant. 

Amongst other things that make the Guitar so popular and irreplaceable, is that it lets the player be creative- you can tap, slur, hammer, slide, fingerpick, or play the Guitar with your palm, there is no end to it. 

All of these factors make it nearly impossible to reproduce the various tones that the Guitar is capable of producing. How many other instruments can you say the same thing about?

The Guitar is timeless. It has proved time and again that it is here to stay, making it a must-have in every household.

Which guitar is the best for beginners? 

We understand that buying your first Guitar can be a rather daunting experience, with scores of options to choose from and each option looking as good as the next one, you might find yourself stuck in a never-ending loop of decision making.

While it is overwhelming to think of all the things that we want in a guitar, it becomes much easier when we proceed with the process of elimination and strike out the things that we know we do not want; things such as – more options and added confusion 

Therefore, the acoustic guitar, due to its simple nature is usually preferred over the semi-acoustic and electric options; these options have pickups and switches on them that might puzzle a newbie and overcomplicate their learning process, remember, more does not always mean better.

Also, acoustic guitars are usually priced lower than the other guitar types making them a good entry option.

As one gets better at playing the instrument and learns more about it, they will be able to make better and more informed decisions on their next (big) purchase.

Kadence offers a wide range of quality acoustic guitars spread across its series- Frontier, Acoustica, and Slowhand. Go check them out and get the one that looks and feels right for you; remember to take it easy for you are at the right place.

At Kadence, we celebrate music for all the things music is or can be.

check out our collection of musical instruments below and immerse yourself in the world of music along with free-learning-course :

Guitars, Ukuleles, Pianos, Violins etc…


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