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Buzz Media Agency is SOOO NEXT LEVEL! Looking to create some visuals that generate emotion with the highest cinematographic quality? Look no further! Osiris and crew are very knowledgeable, professional, have a great eye

We’re the previous, however new ad agency in Marquette, high north in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I’m Tammy Benda, former partner of Bottom Line selling, currently owner of Buzz ad agency. I’m appreciative for the nearly twenty years of operating with Chris Brooks, the lowest Line founder, and therefore the previous couple of years sharing possession with Chris’ family. I want all the most effective and continuing success in their currently actually family-owned business.


Now… it’s all regarding the BUZZ!! It’s associate exciting time for our team. several of identical names and faces that are serving our shoppers over the previous couple of years area unit still a region of our hive, just like the ORIGINAL Bottom Line worker, the one-and-only Bekstar, the super-server Barry, and therefore the graphic god Dinele! however our team of busy bees goes deeper than that! Click here to envision all the awing those who area unit operating to make a buzz around our clients’ businesses. 


Why Buzz Media Agency? one among the foundations we have a tendency to engineered our business on is this… advertising works once it gets individuals talking!




Get unforgettable. 


Stand out from the group. 


Create a buzz! 


That’s what we’re all regarding. Buzz ad agency creates a BUZZ regarding your business.


So, what’s with the bee connection? We’re sweet like honey, super social like bees, continuously busy and untiring, sharing one common goal of building the colony (our clients’ business!), and we’re continuously pollinating and promoting growth.


Here’s many of the ways in which we have a tendency to get our client’s line of work a buzzin’!


Marketing Strategy

Market Analysis

Account Management

Media shopping for

Website style

Creative whole Development

Graphic style

Digital Media: (Pre-Roll Video, OTT Advertising, SEM, SEO, alphanumeric display & Retargeting Ads, and more!)

Traditional Media: (Broadcast and Cable TV, Billboards, Print Advertising, Displays, Newspaper, heck, even carrier pigeons if we have a tendency to must!)

Social Media

Audio Engineering and Radio Advertising

AND SO abundant MORE!

What’s changed? Not abundant outside of the name, contact information, and many new faces. We’re still a full-service ad agency with identical core principles and values we’ve maintained for the last 18+ years and every one the services we’ve performed for that very same time. Outstanding inventive and stigmatisation, stellar strategy, top-notch production, economical media coming up with, and a follower and cheerleader for your business is what you’ll continuously get!

12100 SW 132nd Ct Suite 114, Miami

Miami, FL 33186

United States





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