UAAR - ARID Girls Hostel - Rawalpindi

There is a girl hostel (Fatima Jinnah Hall) which can provide accommodation to around 500 female students at the campus.

The hostel has congenial environment for peaceful living and studies with provision of all basic facilities. The facilities at both hostels include availability of clean drinking water, water coolers, geysers, wireless internet access, generator, common room, mess, prayer place, visitor room, lawn, playing ground etc. Sports facilities like table tennis , volley ball etc are also available.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Hostel Superintendent is responsible for the maintenance of discipline in the hostel. All serious cases of breach of discipline shall be immediately reported to the Hall Warden/University Authority.
  2. Every part of the hostel premises shall be kept open to inspection by the residents when the inspection is carried out.
  3. Any boarder who, in any way, interferes or obstructs the Superintendent in the discharge of his normal duties shall be liable to immediate removal from the hostel.
  4. Meetings of the resident students shall not be allowed to be held in the hostel. Participants of unauthorized meetings shall be liable to immediate removal from the hostel.
  5. Guests shall not be allowed after Azan-e-Magrib. Under very special circumstances the Hostel Superintendent may permit a resident to keep a guest (Parents, Brother). Unauthorized guests shall be expelled from the hostel and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against the resident student.
  6. Students found gambling, taking liquor and indulging in other endorsable activities in the hostel premises shall render themselves liable to severe disciplinary actions.
  7. Rooms and front corridors must be kept clean and tidy. All glass-panes of the rooms should remain uncovered.
  8. No lady shall be allowed to visit the student inside the hostel.
  9. Advocating provincialism/parochialism is strictly prohibited. Defaulters shall be expelled forth with.
  10. Residents must look after their belongings. Any loss or damage occurring by way of theft or otherwise shall not be the responsibility of the Hostel authorities.
  11. Maltreatment of servants, interference with their normal work or assigning work to them which is outside their sphere of duty shall be considered irregular and liable to disciplinary action.
  12. During vocations, students should carry their valuable belongings with them. Otherwise, Hostel Administration will not be responsible for any loss.
  13. Students staying in the hostel during summer vacations should obtain permission from the Superintendent in writing, and would pay the fee and other dues as laid down under heading “Residential Charges”.
  14. No firearms or weapons shall be kept in the hostel.
  15. A student who remains absent from the hostel without permission continuously for a period of three weeks will automatically lose his allotment. The Hostel Superintendent, along with any member of the Resident Council, is authorized to break open his room and after making an inventory of the belongings, may remove the articles to the Hostel stores.
  16. Outsiders shall not be permitted to enter the hostel without prior permission of the Hostel Superintendent.
  17. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the hostel premises.
  18. Writing on walls, windows or doors is forbidden. Occupants of the room, where such writing is found, shall be held responsible for it.
  19. Working students are not eligible for hostel accommodation if their working hours coincide with the class timings.

How to Apply : Hostel Allocation Form


Dr. Khalid Saifullah Khan

  • Principal Officer
  • Phone: +92-51-9290473
  • Email:

Dr. Ghulam Qadir

  • Hall Warden
  • Phone:+92-51-9290239
  • Email:

Dr. Abida Akram

  • Hall Warden (Fatima Jinnah Hall)
  • Phone:+92-51-9290039
  • Email:


Safdar Ali

  • Hostel Superintendent (Iqbal Hall) / Lecturer
  • Phone: N/A

Mr. Waris Ali

  • Hostel Superintendent (Jinnah Hall) / Assistant Registrar
  • Phone: N/A

Ms. Sumera Saleem

  • Hostel Superintendent (Fatima Jinnah Hall) / Assitant Registrar
  • Phone: +92-051-9062114
  • Email:

Ms. Bushra Zulfiqar

  • Hostel Superintendent (Fatima Jinnah Hall) / Assitant Professor
  • Phone: +92-051-9062119
  • Email:



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