Sher Shah Suri Mosque - Bhera, Pakistan

Mosque built by Sher Shah Surri in 1540 A.D, at Bhera city. the newly upgraded Tehsil of Sargodha District, Punjab, Pakistan. this mosque is also known as jamia masjid bugiva.

Every mohallah (locality) of Bhera town has a building that can boast of belonging to a historical period, like many Hindu and Sikh monuments, a number of buildings of the Muslim period also grace the landscape of Bhera town.

The list of historical mosques in Bhera is long. Qazianwali mosque, Haafizani mosque, Peeranwali mosque, Gondianwali mosques, Hakimwali mosque, Jamia Masjid Mohajirin in Pakhiwaran Mohallah are some of Bhera town’s well known historical mosques.


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