Burger Bite Fast Food Restaurant Islamabad

Burger Bite Fast food Restaurant G-9 Markaz Islamabad. A new restaurant in your town, We invite foodies to enjoy the sizzling cooking experience, high quality food and a classy ambiance.

#delicious flavours available in Roll Paratha - exclusively available at #Burgerbite G-9 Markaz Islamabad.

1. Chicken Roll Paratha Rs.120
2. Chicken Cheese Roll Paratha Rs.130
3. Seekh Kabab Roll Paratha Rs.120
4. Seekh Kabab Cheese Roll Paratha Rs.130
5. Fish Roll Paratha Rs.130
6. Fish Roll Cheese Paratha Rs.140
7. Zinger Roll Parath Rs.130
8. Zinger Roll Cheese Paratha Rs.140


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