Bradley Reach

Bradley Reach is dedicated to directly addressing pediatric behavioral health challenges. Partnered with Bradley Hospital, we provide innovative solutions like virtual psychiatric care, intensive therapy for adolescents.

Through Bradley REACH’s innovative programs, expert teams of psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and nurses provide intensive mental health care and therapy to teens, adolescents and children virtually. We are proud to partner with local providers to reach families in need. We collaborate to address the pediatric mental health crisis together. The United States is facing a crisis in pediatric mental health. The shortage of mental health providers creates huge inequities in access to quality care. Bradley REACH partners with providers and payors across the US to bring Bradley Hospital’s decades of expertise in mental health, psychology and psychiatry to teens in their own homes. Our unique partnership model means that we can ensure safe, intensive mental healthcare for our young patients in their communities. At Bradley REACH, our care stands out because: 1. We work in multidisciplinary teams 2. Our virtual mental health model is flexible to families’ needs 3. We provide Bradley Hospital’s evidence-based care anywhere WHY BRADLEY REACH? 1. Alternative to Hospitalization: Bradley REACH’s mental health programs can be used in place of traditional inpatient services for teens and children. 2. Quality of Care: Our evidence-based programs and tailored therapy sessions provide excellent care and significant improvements for our adolescent patients. 3. Accessibility & Convenience: Parents and families tell us that our virtual behavioral health model makes it easier for them to support their teen’s participation in our programs. Bradley REACH’s group telehealth programs provide mental healthcare for adolescents, teens and children experiencing serious emotional, behavioral or relationship issues. Our multidisciplinary teams of expert clinicians and psychologists work with teenagers to improve their coping skills. Bradley REACH programs can be used in place of inpatient services (avoiding hospitalization) and as a “step down” from inpatient care, ensuring a high level of continuing mental health support. Our programs take place five days a week for as long as teenagers need this level of care.


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