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Santa Ynez wine tours are home to some of the finest top-class wineries in the world. Get Experience Guide Santa Ynez Wine Tour. Santa valley is a Beautiful scenic tour for any wine lover!

Known for its luscious green fields, warm climates and an air buzzing with hedonistic bliss, Santa Ynez wine tours is home to some of the finest top-class wineries in the world.

Nestled in the crooks and curves of the landscape, this gorgeous valley offers more than 70 wineries and tasting rooms, for all who seek bliss and delight in a bottle. Providing an insider view into the making of wine, from planting and caring for the grapes to packing, these wineries offer a sneak peek into the world of wine at its rawest form.

The many wineries and vineyards of Santa Ynez Valley prepare some of the most exquisite wine in the world. Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Moscato are chief among them. Plan your wine tour with Artisan Excursion, and visit all of the fine establishments that offer heaven in a bottle. Our wine tasting tours take you all around Santa Ynez Valley – from well-known wineries to smaller, distinct businesses that offer unique notes and delicious elixirs for all tastes through their concoctions.


Nature and Pleasure – Plan Your Wine Tours in Santa Ynez Valley

For wine connoisseurs and novices alike, these wine tasting tours present a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with the beauty of wine tasting.

Explore California’s wineries with our wine tours. Take a journey and plan your excursion so you have the chance to catch some exciting and breathtaking views.

Explore California’s wineries with our wine tours. Take a journey and plan your excursion so you have the chance to catch some exciting and breathtaking views.

Whether you’re a newlywed couple seeking to make the Californian Valley your memorable romantic destination, or a group of wine lovers who want to connect with the roots of wine, Santa Ynez will offer something for everyone.

Artisan Excursions takes you all around the valley, on a voyage that satisfies all your whims regarding wine and its making. We work hard to provide our clients with the best view of the Valley.

With the most succulent wine in your hand, the best food for your palette, the perfect company to enjoy it all with and the best seat in the house, you will surely realize yourself to be one of the few lucky wine lovers of them all.
Plan your expedition with Artisan Excursion and travel across Santa Ynez and experience the beauty of wine in nature.

To plan your wine tour in Santa Ynez, contact us at                      . We are there to make all your wine tasting dreams come true!

Artisan Excursion Wine Tours offers customers immersive tours of the wineries in Buellton, CA! This town is one of the communities that Santa Ynez Valley is comprised of, and makes for a particularly attractive vacation spot, in particular for wine connoisseurs looking for a good time.
Buellton is a premium destination for wine lovers, with the popularization of what it has to offer in the movie “Sideways.”

The town’s wineries are known in particular for their award winning Pinot Noir and Chardonnay varietals, so that’s one thing no wine enthusiast wants to miss out on!
Aside from the wineries and the vineyard, Buellton is a lovely community, with many friendly faces and quite the welcoming environment. There are numerous fine dining options available to you there, as well as a number of outdoor activities to indulge in. Its scenic beauty is irresistible, with its cooler temperatures making for quite the pleasant atmosphere to go along with your wine tastings.

A Tour Rife with Fun and Relaxation!

Artisan Excursion Wine Tours offers wine connoisseurs and wine novices alike the opportunity to take full advantage of the exquisite wines that Buellton wineries have to offer. We take you an adventure that is full of good company, great conversation, picturesque views, and quite a bit of wine.
We provide you with extremely comfortable transportation options according to your tour needs and tour package, and make sure that you have all that you need for the entirety of the tour.

With our wine tasting tours, you get to experience the delightful delectability of many different wines, feasting on the bounties of wine harvests at a number of different locations. Not only do you get to sip on wine, but you get to learn all about the intricacies of the wine-making process.
You learn a lot about the history of Buellton and its wineries, where the people come from, how they do what they do, and why they do it.

Buellton could be the perfect vacation destination for anyone who’s an avid wine enthusiast, so why not take advantage of convenience our tours offer and book one with us? Give us a call at                         and we can reserve a wine tour for you!




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