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We are a design, architectural, construction, and dental equipment & supply company integrated with highly experienced and creative professionals specializing in dental, veterinary, and medical practices.

Arminco, Inc. is an architectural design, consulting and construction firm located in Sterling, Virginia specializing in dental clinics. Arminco, Inc. is an We have consulted, designed and built out over 350 dental offices. Visit us today! 


We Offer Customized Office Designs and Construction Services Throughout the Continental United States. Our Highly Experienced and Creative Professionals Specialize in Dental, Veterinary, and Medical Practices.


Our team of designers work closely with our clients to create customized design solutions for efficient and flexible work-flow spaces, all while working with the available budget.

Through our personal client interaction and strategic guidance, we aim to understand the goals and needs of our clients to design spaces with functionality, comfortability, and creativity. We are the leading experts in medical and dental office designs and use our creativity in various commercial workplaces.



Your Resource for Medical and Dental Office Architecture and Interior Design.


We are leading experts in dental office designs and medical practices. Whether working with our in-house construction team or any other construction company. By understanding your vision and the goals of your future office, we design spaces that function efficiently for your needs while also reflecting the personality of your business or practice. While creating customized solutions, we will work collaboratively with you to realize your dream office



Arminco Inc. offers in-house engineering in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia area, which enables our team to work closely throughout the design and construction of your project. This approach allows us to efficiently analyze system options and budgets for each individual space. Not local? Not a problem! With our diverse background, we are able to work with other well-trained engineers to complete any project in a timely manner.



3D rendering is a process that creates realistic photos of how your space will look upon completion. By utilizing our 3D rendering services, you will be able to have a visual understanding of the design and have the ability to prevent costly changes from being made at the construction phase. You can also use these renderings to have a jumpstart in the marketing of your future business.



Throughout Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland, we are happy to involve our internal construction department to offer complete design-build services. Offering design-build services allows us to communicate with contractors to make sure your project stays within budget and on time – all while meeting your design needs to achieve a quality and beautiful space. For projects outside of these regions, we work with your selected contractors to accomplish the same goal.



The Superior Resource for Dental, Medical, and Commercial Office Construction


Also known as general contracting, we review your plans and provide a thorough, comprehensive, and accurate bid for your project. While we offer in-house design and architectural services, we will also engage directly with your architect and/or designer of choice to ensure each project is built with complete accuracy.



Our true specialty. We have in-house resources that include architects, engineers, designers, and construction managers - all under one roof. Our team provides you with a single and dedicated point of contact, ensuring clear communication between team members and project phases and ultimately a well designed and constructed project.



We will assist you through each phase of starting your new practice from the conceptual phase to the design and construction of your office to the servicing of your operational business. We accomplish this by having our consultants evaluate your near and long term goals to help you select your location, secure financing, and establish your business processes. Our professional consultants coordinate and engage within our in-house design and architecture division, which teams directly with our expert construction managers to ensure an accurate, on-time, on-budget and completed realization of your dream space.



While remodeling or relocating your existing office, our experience with diverse project types allow us the ability to foresee issues before they arise and to alleviate them almost immediately. This allows us to complete a remodel or relocation for your practice efficiently, effectively, and without additional delays or financial impact. Oftentimes, we accomplish a full remodel/relocation in ten days or less.



When the need comes for your growing practice to expand or for an updated look to your existing office, our expertise in both new construction and renovation will blend both new and old spaces seamlessly. Our team will develop a project plan unique to your needs while minimizing any impact on business operations and avoiding as much practice downtime as possible.



Arminco Inc. uses expert project managers to oversee, manage, and direct the planning, design, and construction of any given project from inception to completion. It is our mission to ensure a smooth progression of your project, allowing you to focus on the development of your dental or medical practice.



Arminco Inc is a National Leader in Design and Construction Project Management


Every project boils down to cost and finances. Regardless of your budget, quality is never compromised. Initial cost estimations and detailed planning contribute to successful cost management. Both expected and unexpected costs will be taken into consideration by using risk analysis to assess potential issues which may arise along the way. Project managers are trained to identify contract cost variations and how to appropriately manage them.


With a given project there can be anywhere from five to twenty different professionals involved. Arminco Inc's project managers monitor each project member to make sure they are performing at their maximum capacity to keep in line with the project budget and to make sure deadlines are being obeyed.


Proper planning, setting deadlines, and organization all contribute to successful time management, ultimately allowing each project to progress as planned and be deliverable by the set date. Routine meetings are scheduled during the course of the project to perform progress checks and to get site updates.


Contracts with vendors, partners, and sub-contractors are negotiated, reviewed, and finalized. Contracts will be managed for the duration of your project ensuring compliance with the terms. Any amendments made to the original contract will be documented and thus implemented accordingly.


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