AlphaPrimeTech Inc

AlphaPrimeTech Career School provides a wide variety of training courses for our students looking to have a fulfilling career in the IT field. Our courses are led by trained professionals in their fields.

AlphaPrimeTech Inc. is a leading career training school that provides a wide range of training programs for people looking to build a career in the IT field. Whether you are looking for training for IT staffing, professional staffing, cloud service, project-based solution, business analyst and even quality assurance, we are your safest bet. The workforce continues to become more technology-driven, and with that companies are in need of more innovative and highly tech-equipped professionals who can program, develop software, and by enrolling in IT courses at AlphaPrimeTech we can ensure that our students will gain the insight and skills they will need when they go to apply for jobs in the IT industry. AlphaPrimeTech Career School prides itself on providing career training programs and job placement assistance in New York City for our students. Our goal is to give our students the necessary skills for them to find employment in their desired fields after completing one of our programs. Our training center is located in Midtown Manhattan are provides easy access to students via the subway system for student coming in from Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and New Jersey. To know more about the training courses we provide, you can visit our website.


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