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Proof Easy is a way that ensures document security and easy file share and verifiable by using blockchain technology. It is Save, Secure & Verify Documents with Patented Technology.

Use ProofEasy and stop document fraud. Real-time QR code scanning leads to a highly trusted reference point for verification.

To verify, just scan the QR code using any scanner like Google lens. The original uploaded document will be displayed. You can validate your copy against the original document.

ProofEasy provides a safe and secure interface to send and receive documents in a secure manner without requiring enterprise-level software.


We bring secured verifiable transparency to your electronic and scanned documents – be it certificates, legal & financial collateral, reports, or any other sensitive document and prevent them from any form of tampering.

We help you in taking out the burden of the need of a 3rd party verification by creating a reference point for verification on the immutable blockchain based document verification platform.


In today’s digital economy, traditional protection and verification systems are often compromized. ProofEasy offers a simple, reliable method for protecting and verifying the source of truth.

ProofEasy is powered by, patented VeriDoc Global’s QR Code solution. It leverages public-key cryptography and places the unique hash value on the blockchain, which cannot be altered.


ProofEasy provides a safe and secure interface for real estate agents to send and receive documents in a secure centralized database without requiring enterprise-level software.


Send contracts and documents for new products, mortgages and credit card applications without having to meet your client face to face. Business continuity with a few clicks of a button.

Store and organize your legal documents with unique identifiers for each case or client. There is no need to keep loose files and folders – now that you have a centralized database.

Secure your most intimate and high-value documents and ensure they are not being tampered with. ProofEasy is a great way to rest-assured that your documents will keep their integrity after you are gone.

ProofEasy provides a safe and secure interface for businesses to send and receive documents in a secure centralized database without requiring enterprise-level software.

Save your important documents seamlessly and safely.


We understand the importance of document security, this is why we offer an easy-to-use solution. Here is an overview of how document issuers can secure and share the documents from ProofEasy.


Submit Document

Upload the document that needs to be secured. Users can even create a digital certificate with it. ProofEasy prepares the document for QR Code placement.


QR Code Placement

ProofEasy QR code is placed in the submitted document and securely saved in the ProofEasy server.


Encrypted Hashing

A unique hash for the document is generated, and the hash is placed in the blockchain.


VeriDoc Global Security

The blockchain transaction ID along with the hash value, and the URL are stored in a secure database.


Download & Share

The document is ready for sharing between all concerned parties in a secure environment. ProofEasy enables secure document transfer seamlessly.


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