Advanced Holistic Center

Advanced Holistic Center; a holistic health center & natural medicine clinic, fills the gaps left by this approach and personally looks at overall holistic health.

The Advanced Holistic Center is a holistic healthcare clinic specializing in integrative medicine. Our complete care packages harmonize body, mind & spirit with tailored treatment of acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition and more. Conditions ranging from musculoskeletal to psycho-emotional are treated via collaboration with top doctors & clinics in Western health. The Holistic Center is open early to late, weekdays & weekends, even offering availability for concierge services in NYC as well.

With over 16 years experience in integrative medicine, I developed a proven formula to make sure you receive the best treatment under our care. Patients with complex problems from both Eastern & Western treatment backgrounds, leave as happy or returning clients with positive prognosis due to our expertise, personable approach, dedication & network of highly qualified practitioners and specialists going above & beyond in the name of rehabilitation and optimal health.


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