AZ Wedding Photographer

AZ Wedding Photographer has been capturing the magic of weddings for couples all over the state for years. From the sweetness of a surprise proposal to the romance of the walk down the aisle, these are the moments we rem


AZ Wedding Photographer comes with an exceptionally passionate, dedicated and experienced husband & wife duo “Filippo & Kelly” that absolutely adore working with couples in love!

Along with a truly amazing team (family) of passionate, experienced and fully dedicated Wedding Photographers and Videographers that love to capture the raw emotions, beauty, passion, and celebration of your Wedding or Engagement to tell your unique love story!

All the Photographers & Videographers main focus is to tell the story of your journey, and of the cherished moments that captivate your heart, all the meanwhile preserving the pure essence of life, the joy of new beginnings, & creating fine art photography that remembers the special little things, long after you have forgotten everything…for generations to come!

Wedding Videographers In Phoenix  

WEDDING CINEMATOGRAPHY is the art of creating a cinematic highlight wedding film where the cinematographer’s main focus is to tell the story of your wedding day by capturing the emotions, the joy of new beginnings, and the cherished highlights that captivate the heart, tells the story of your journey, and of that special day you married your best friend and soulmate!

CINEMATOGRAPHY as compared to videography that mostly shoot with still cameras on a tripod and use BASIC AUDIO

Whereas cinematographers move, see, ANTICIPATE, and shoot with the heart, CAPTURING AND TELLING YOUR WEDDING DAY STORY!

Therefore striking just the right balance between artfully moving posed shots and those real, raw, spontaneous, and vulnerable moments

That is to say, make the day unforgettable!

Consequently The results are a stunning!

The greatest method to remember the highlights of your important occasions is with a video. They assist you in preserving the memories for all time. You must hire a professional for this job if you want to obtain the highest quality movies. Here are some blunders to stay away from when hiring an Arizona wedding videographer.

Before continuing, you must see the prior videos we've made for their clientele. \\

Before finishing your video expectations, don't forget to discuss them with the professionals.

Don't take into account both the price they are offering and the quality of the services.

The greatest videography service provider is AZ Wedding Photographers.

We experience many happy and sad events in life, and they all create a part of who we are as people. The best moments should always be documented in photographs and films so that you may always remember them. You need to work with a professional photographer who can take engaging images and films that catch every moment. The following are some of life's most important occasions:

marriage day

The most important day of your life, your wedding, must be properly documented.

Marriage ceremony

With the help of a skilled photographer, make your engagement ceremony memorable.

At.AZ proposal day The greatest way to capture you will be through colorful images and movies taken by our experienced wedding videographers in Phoenix.

To make your memory more memorable contact us today!


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