AICS - Australian Islamic College of Sydney


An independent educational institution offering academic and Islamic education and pastoral care to students of many cultural backgrounds. All activities at the College are guided by Islamic faith, ethos and values.

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The College is committed to developing and implementing the highest quality of educational programs. Central to all teaching programs is a commitment to developing students with skills, knowledge and understanding and abilities to embrace the challenges of the 21st Century. All programs aim to provide optimal learning opportunities to all students while promoting equity and excellence and instilling the Islamic attitudes, values and principles. In particular, the values of honesty, courtesy, care and compassion for others and fair play are seen as vitally important in the development of responsible citizens and are emphasized in all teaching and learning activities.

The teachers also motivate and challenge the students to take more pride in their studies and bear more responsibilities to enhance their academic performance. Students are immersed in a series of learning experiences that assist each student to reach his or her potential. Students also develop the skill sets that enable them to pursue their dreams while making a difference in the world.


The philosophy of Australian Islamic College of Sydney is to provide educational environment and programs that facilitate optimal learning opportunities, promote equity and excellence and instills the Islamic values and principles in all its students.
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The College’s mission is to provide excellent academic, cultural, artistic, physical and religious education in an Islamic environment enriched with the values of discipline, mutual care and respect, to help them develop into well-educated individuals who are:

  • Ready to face the challenges of ever changing world;
  • Balanced in intellectual, spiritual and physical aspects;
  • Life-long learners;
  • Prepared to contribute to the development of their community and the wider Australian society.


The Australian Islamic College of Sydney values providing students with the opportunities to enable them to reach their highest possible level of academic, social and cultural attainment so that they become well-educated, responsible and religious citizens capable of contributing positively to the development and betterment of their own community, the nation and the world as a whole.

More specifically the College values:

a) Creation of an educational environment that is conducive to the development of students’
understanding of the central truths of the Islamic faith, the moral values and man’s relation to God
and fellow man;
b) Development of a harmonious and stimulating community atmosphere in which staff are mutually supportive and assist the students to develop self-appreciation, social awareness, reverence of life, integrity and responsibility
c) Encouraging each student to develop the highest possible level of academic social and cultural attainment he or she is capable of, with excellence as a goal in all activities.
d) Creation of a teaching learning environment that brings about balanced development of the intellectual, emotional, physical, cultural and spiritual elements of each students’ life;
e) The development of responsible citizens with a willingness to serve both their Islamic community and the wider Australian society;
f) The provision of an educational environment that promotes the spirit of enquiry and the skill for life-long learning.
The entire teaching and learning processes at the College are geared towards translating these values into practice.


The vision of the College is to become an educational institution of choice in Australia renowned for its ability to guide and educate its students to become model citizens with high level of academic excellence and Islamic values, morals and ethics.

All activities of the College are based on the above philosophy, mission, values and vision.


This website is designed to give you as much information as possible to help you with the all important decision as to whether Australian Islamic College of Sydney (AICS) will provide the best education for your child. To download & view ” Enrolment Schedule and Application Form for Enrolment” click on the link below

Download 2017 Kindergarten,Year 1‐6 Enrolment Schedule
Download 2017 Year 7‐12 Enrolment Schedule
Download AICS Application for Enrolment

Fee Structure

To Downlaod Fee Schedule for 2016 click on the link below
AICS Fee Schedule


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