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911 Restoration of the Piedmont Triad

911 Restoration of the Piedmont Triad is a full-scale water damage cleanup restoration company offering you peace of mind after a disaster. North Carolina is no stranger to hurricanes

<p>North Carolina is no stranger to hurricanes. Rainstorms impact the Triad area throughout the year, with the most severe weather occurring in the spring and fall.</p> <p>Tornadoes and hurricanes can destroy homes and businesses that get in their wake, with water damage, flooding, and structural damages being the most prevalent.</p> <p>911 Restoration of Winston-Salem has been in the restoration industry for decades, and their technicians understand the importance of speedy water damage repair services during the storm season.</p> <p>To provide you with this around-the-clock care, the&nbsp;<a href=\"https://www.911restorationtriad.com/water-damage-restoration/\"><strong>water extraction&nbsp;</strong></a>team stays available 24/7/365 and guarantees to arrive at your property within 45 minutes of receiving your call to begin same-day services. Call us at&nbsp;<a href=\"tel:3365792501\"><strong>(336) 579-2501</strong></a>&nbsp;and allow us to offer you a free visual inspection.</p> <p>Along with water cleanup, the experts also provide mold removal,&nbsp;<a href=\"https://www.911restorationtriad.com/water-damage-mold-removal-pfafftown/\"><strong>sewage cleanup</strong></a>, fire damage restoration, and disaster repair services.</p> <p>911 Restoration of Winston-Salem is a full-service restoration company, so call us when you need the assistance of a restoration company that genuinely cares and understands your needs.</p> <p>Water Damage Restoration In Triad</p> <p>If a tropical storm causes water damage to your property in Triad, immediately contact us. The faster we can start the water extraction services, the less water damage will affect your home or business.</p> <p>Our&nbsp;<strong><a href=\"https://www.911restorationtriad.com/water-damage-restoration/\">water mitigation</a></strong>&nbsp;company is licensed, insured, and bonded to provide you with fast and professional flooding repair services, whether you are dealing with storm damages, a plumbing leak, or a broken water pipe on the street.</p> <p>By providing comprehensive water damage cleanup in Triad, we can assure you that the repair techs will remove the water damage, dry the affected area, and inspect the property for signs of mold. Call us at&nbsp;<a href=\"tel:3365792501\"><strong>(336) 579-2501</strong></a>&nbsp;and see how we can help.</p> <p>Frozen Pipes and Pipe Burst</p> <p>Did you know, water that has a high content of magnesium and calcium can be very harmful to pipes? These elements slow the flow of water down which leads to corrosion. Eventually, holes start to form and you end up with a burst pipe.</p> <p>Now that winter has arrived, colder temperatures can also lead to disasters in your home or business. Freezing temperatures can potentially cause you to have frozen pipes. If your pipe lines are not well maintained, the moisture from the water in a frozen pipe will expand and create a pipe burst.</p> <p>Other flood cleanup companies will only address the water damage, but by hiring 911 Restoration of Winston-Salem, you can rest assured that our technicians will provide you with all the remediation services you need to make a full recovery.</p> <p>Sanitization Services &amp; Disinfection Solutions</p> <p>You can take proactive steps to respond to the coronavirus here in Triad. It&rsquo;s important that we all work together to slow the spread of the virus. If too many people become ill at once, the hospitals in our area will not be able to treat everyone. For this reason, make sure that you stay isolated from others as much as possible. You can also help protect the community by focusing on keeping your property sanitized.</p> <p>911 Restoration can offer you professional sanitization services. You can reach out to us if you own residential or commercial property. We can review all the disinfection solutions that may work to meet your unique needs. All our services meet the guidelines issued by the CDC and the EPA for handling the coronavirus. Our techs are also&nbsp;<strong><a href=\"http://iicrc.org/\">IICRC</a></strong>-certified. Take back your peace of mind during this time of crisis by contacting us for sanitization services.</p>


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