3rd Worldwide Forum on Alzheimer and Dementia


Invitation to participate in our upcoming \"3rd Worldwide Forum on Alzheimer and Dementia,\" which will be held in Paris, France on June 23-24, 2023. Go through our website:https://dementia.conferenceseries.com/

More Detail

<p><a href=\"https://www.conferenceseries.com/\">Conference Series LLC</a>&nbsp;Ltd invites worldwide global audience and presenters to participate at the&nbsp;<a href=\"https://dementia.conferenceseries.com/\"><strong>3rd Worldwide Forum on Alzheimer and Dementia</strong></a>&nbsp;which will be held within the wonderful city of&nbsp;<strong>Paris, France</strong>&nbsp;in the period&nbsp;<strong>June 23-24, 2023</strong>. The conference emphasizes the theme &ldquo;<em>Fostering the latest Challenges in the Era of Dementia and Alzheimer&#39;s Disease</em>&rdquo;.</p> <p>Based on your knowledge and experience in this field, we would like to&nbsp;<strong>invite you as an&nbsp;Honourable&nbsp;Speaker</strong>&nbsp;for&nbsp;<strong>Dementia&nbsp; 2023</strong>. The conference encompasses a broad spectrum of information and recent innovations related to Food Science and Technology. We believe your presence will be an excellent addition to the conference and a great source of learning as well.</p> <p><strong>Privileges as Speaker:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Internationally renowned certification.</li> <li>Provide a platform to organize symposia or workshops.</li> <li>Interactive and detailed sessions among scientist/professor to discuss about their research and getting a true feedback on your work.</li> <li>Promotion of your research article.</li> <li>Your new research findings and scientific books can be released.</li> </ul> <p>For more details do have a glance at our website:&nbsp;<a href=\"https://dementia.conferenceseries.com/\" target=\"_blank\">https://dementia.conferenceseries.com/</a></p> <p>We are formally invite you to be an Organizing Committee Member for &ldquo;<strong>3rd Worldwide Forum on Alzheimer and Dementia</strong>&rdquo; which is going to be held during <strong>June 23-24, 2023</strong> at <strong>Paris, France</strong>.</p> <p>The Conference is based upon the theme &ldquo;<strong><em>Fostering the latest Challenges in the Era of Dementia and Alzheimer&#39;s Disease</em></strong>&rdquo;</p> <p>Basing on your eminence and expertise, we are honoured to invite you as an OCM for <a href=\"https://dementia.conferenceseries.com/\">Dementia 2023</a>.</p> <p><strong>Roles and responsibilities of the Organizing Committee Member</strong>:</p> <p>&bull;Privilege to give a Keynote Speech at the conference</p> <p>&bull;Can preside one Session as a Chair/Co-Chair of your interest</p> <p>&bull;Need to give a Welcome Message that will be displayed in the conference website addressing the conference attendees</p> <p>&bull;Suggestions for Eminent Scientists, who can give a potential presentation at the conference</p> <p>&bull;Suggestions for any modifications that are required in the Scientific Sessions (or) any topic related to the Conference in order to enhance the conference agenda.</p> <p>&bull;Suggestions for increasing the participation in Poster presentation session.</p> <p>&bull;Need to submit your Presentation Abstract for the Session of your interest.</p> <p><strong>Benefits for being the Organizing Committee Member:</strong></p> <p>&bull;Your profile will be displayed in the OCM page of the Conference Web Site</p> <p>&bull;Can Organize Symposia or Workshops or Special Sessions at the Conference venue</p> <p>&bull;Special interactive sessions will be provided for promoting your own Lab and Research Products if you are coming with your research team</p> <p>&bull;Your new research findings and Scientific Books can be released at the Conference Venue</p> <p>&bull;50% waiver on full manuscript publication fee in the conference proceedings&nbsp;</p> <p>Please feel free to contact us for further queries or information required.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Awaiting your swift and favourable response so that we can discuss further regarding the same.</p>


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