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At 1st Choice Residential, we take immense pride in serving as your dedicated partner for all your fireplace cleaning and repair requirements. With our commitment to excellence and an acute focus on intricate details, we offer an extensive array of fireplace services that are designed to keep your cherished fireplace in impeccable condition. Whether you possess a timeless wooden fireplace, exuding warmth and tradition, or a contemporary gas fireplace, radiating modern elegance, we truly understand the paramount importance of regular maintenance in ensuring both safety and efficiency. Our team of seasoned professionals own expertise in the realm of fireplace care, equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle an array of fireplace types and models. From routine cleaning and inspection to meticulous repair work, we meticulously attend to every aspect of your fireplace\'s functionality and aesthetics. With a keen eye for detail, we carefully remove soot, ash, and debris, ensuring that your fireplace is not only visually appealing but also operates at optimal efficiency. At 1st Choice Residential, we recognize that each fireplace is unique and deserves personalized attention. Our highly-trained technicians diligently assess the condition of your fireplace, identifying any potential issues or areas that require special care. Whether it\'s a stubborn creosote buildup, a faulty damper, or a worn-out seal, we address every concern with the utmost professionalism and proficiency.


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