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7 safety tips for empowered girls of the society

Safety Tricks. Girls have been empowered in today’s society but this doesn’t change anything about their safety. There is a huge need that every girl knows how to keep herself safe day by day. Here are ……

Here are some views and Safety tricks to share with the sweet girls of the nation and all around the world.


1) If you are alone at night and you need to take lift.

Here is what you need to do: enter the lift and press buttons of all the floors in the way to your floor, so that the lift opens at every floor. The stranger wouldn’t even think to do anything if lift opens every minute.

2) If you are alone and stranger tries to attack you.

Here is what you should do: run towards kitchen. Throw chili powder turmeric and each other kitchen weapons you know. Let him scram and shout so that it’s the greatest enemy of that attacker as it will attract attention of people around.

Let them break. Scream. Remember that noise is the greatest enemy of a molester. He does not.

3) Hiring a taxi or auto at night:

Here is what you should do: before riding into taxi or auto note down the number of the vehicle and sit in the taxi or auto. Call you family or friend and tell them in a language known to driver that number and details of where you are took the taxi or auto and where you intend to go. Even if no one picks up pretend to be on call. In this way the driver would be under the impression that his details are now given to some person and if something goes wrong he will be traceable and will be held responsible. Now he will protect you himself.

4) If driver turns into wrong street and you feel you are in danger

Here is what you need to do:  tie your dopatta, strap of your purse or scarf, stole around his neck. This will leave him choking and if you don’t have these things do it with his collar.

5) If some stranger follows you at night.

Here is what you need to do: enter store, shop or home nearby and tell them your problem. If not enter nearby ATM. There cameras are fixed and most probably gaurds would be around. This would help to keep you safe.

6) Do not drink any kind of liquid given to you by any stranger.

Always buy a sealed drink & Do not drink any kind of liquid given to you by any stranger.Always buy a drink yourself and make sure that the drink is properly sealed when you buy it.

7) Always keep speed dial numbers

Always keep speed dial numbers in your phone so that you can call your family or friends immediately when in danger or emergency.

Keep safety sprays in your hand bag and try not to go out alone at night.

Being alert and knowing that what you can do in such situations can help you save your life.

Please make women aware and make them stronger and more confident through such tips and know-how necessary for their personal safety.

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