Verite Media Limited - G10 Markaz Islamabad

Verite Media is an Islamabad-based media production company. We specialize in wide range of compelling content that gratifies the global audiences.

Verite Media (Pvt.) Limited is an independent Islamabad-based media production house. Broadcast Quality Programs for TV Channels, Documentary Films, Talk Shows, Investigative Reports, Short Films, Tele-Films, TV Commercials, TV Plays and Full Fledge Media Campaigns, Verite Media is offering wide-range of compelling content that gratifies global audience.


  • Creating the leading media house that aims to partner with our clients in achieving their objectives by using traditional and digital media whilst ensuring that we provide quality services.

Our mission

  • To create, execute and deliver quality yet creative content that meet our diverse clients' requirements while making sure that our services have a significant impact in achieving their goals.

What we do

  • Documentaries, Short-Films, Corporate Profiles, Promos, TV Commercials, Media Campaigns, Music Videos, Event Management, Digital Media, 3D Animations, you name it! We do it all.

We love our clients

  • We are proud of our exceptional clientele and good relationship with them, which include numerous small to large businesses, covering a diverse nature of media productions and campaigns.

Our Services

We excel in providing quality services that contribute a great deal in helping our clients achieve their objectives.

Plan & Implement

  • Providing complete 360 degree Media solutions such as Media Labs, Radio Labs, Tv Studios.

Video Production

  • Documentaries Offering wide-range of compelling content that gratifies global audience.


  • Specialize in designing full-fledge media campaigns by utilizing all the traditional and digital media tools.


  • Graphics & Animation Crafting designs and moving the lifeless that satisfies diverse clientele.

TV Production

  • Equipped with state of the art technology with broadcast quality HD video cameras along with editing suits.


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