Human body is a wondrous creation having numerous known and numerous unknown dimensions. It is a never ending exploration which is very unlikely to be said to be complete at any stage.

Here I would discuss only a few limitations of human body. The extent to which a human body could bear certain situations is explained below:



When a person’s body heat ups, the maximum temperature up to which it can bear is 107.6 Fahrenheit.  At this temperature the heat stroke can’t be reversed and it will prove fatal.


Water even though essential for human body, also destroys it when in constant contact. Water consumes human body. A person would last only half an hour i.e. 30 minutes in cold water of temperature 40 Degree Fahrenheit.


In a near vicinity to hot air a human body responses differently on the basis of age. Adults caught up in a burning building or mine can last up to 10 minutes at temperature of 300 degree Fahrenheit. While children being more fragile, can survive only the temperature up to 120 degree Fahrenheit for 10 minutes.


High altitude effects because it has low oxygen levels and human body requires more capacity in lungs and larger amount of red blood cells to compensate the oxygen requirements of a human body. Therefore consciousness is lost for almost all the humans at the altitude of 15000 feet. While the people living at higher altitudes adapt to have larger lungs capacity and larger number of red blood cells which makes them survive in a better way.


A human body can tolerate starvation for around 45 days. If a person loses 30% of its total body weight the person is more likely to die. Usually when a person is losing weight due to diseases the disease ends a person before he can die of starvation.


Diving without any diving equipment and below 60 feet for more than 2 minutes can cause black out. One record made till now is that of 282 feet as free diver before blacking out by a best diver.



Oxygen if cut for more than two minutes can cause people to loose conscious. But if stamina is built a human body can tolerate absence of oxygen for 11 minutes.


If a person bleeds in a very large amount that it causes a blood loss of about 30% of the total amount of blood the person still have chance to survive. But if a person loses blood more than 40% of his total blood amount he will need an immediate blood transfusion or else he will die.


A human body is made up of 70% water. So every human cell requires water for survival. Without replacing quart of water a person loses per day, a person will not last more than 7 days.



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