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Technology and Your Children: SAVE YOUR CHILD FROM TECHNOLOGY


Everybody seems to have gotten advanced and developed by stepping foot in the era of new technology. Every other person has gotten entangled into this spider web called cell phone. With time the cell phone has become a fashion and obsession rather than a need. A survey concludes that more than 97 % people all around the world spend 19 out of 24 hours using mobile phones for various purposes.

We are turning into people who have lost all the connection from the surroundings and people near us. We don’t even seem to know about what is going on in our own home because we have no time left to spend with our family.

Sometimes, if you noticed, when talking to children you pay less attention to what they say and more attention to what is going on in your cell phone. Well you might be too busy to notice that…!! This simple habit can ruin life of your children. It can destroy the immature minds. It can change their lives and priorities turning them into something you want them to be.

New scientific research emphasized on the fact that checking your mobile phone continuously in front of your children can damage their mental health and their performance in school. First thing that is obvious is that if you won’t pay attention to your children they would obviously feel left out and unloved. They would lose their sense of self importance and they being your priority.

Secondly they would become fascinated by such a powerful thing that is keeping you away from them. They would fall for it as they would notice your such a high level of interest in it which doesn’t allow you to keep your eyes away from it. Then comes a time when you won’t be able to keep them away from it. And letting them get stuck into this spider web is awful lot to handle.

So here is a tip dear parents : Don’t use too much mobile or any other such gadget while talking to your children. Give them complete attention and focus. Make them your priority. Let them know about positive usage of the new technology and also let them use it for their education but don’t let them get them stuck into it and become a hostage to it.

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