Signature Analysis – What Does Your SIGNATURE Says About You


Signature is a unique style of writing one’s own name. It is a snapshot of your personality and discloses a lot about your character and general outlook in life. Signature is also considered as an image that the writer is willing to show to the outer world.

Signature Analysis is based on several components which are:

  • Size of the Signature
  • Slant in the Signature
  • Use of the first name and the last name
  • Underlining the signature
  • Size of the first letter of the signature
  • Loops or backward strokes in the signature
  • Use of Dots in the signature

What does the Size of the Signatures indicate?

The size of the signature points out the writer’s wish to be noticed or remain unnoticed.

A large sized signature: craves to be noticed and is very bold and confident.

 Medium sized: desire to just fit in.

 Small sized signature: indicates less of a desire or extremely no desire to be noticed. These kind of people like to live a private life without much interference of anyone.

What is the significance of your Signatures Underline?

A simple form of an underline shows self-reliance in an unassuming manner. It reveals that the writer is self-reliant and believes in following rules and traditions blindly. The more prominent and stylish the underline, more attention the writer is seeking. He wants to get noticed everywhere and alternatively, will do anything to become the center of attraction. He might indulge into violence or any kind of attention-grabbing behavior if felt unnoticed.  A zigzag line under the signature reveals the trait of uncertainty in the writer’s behavior. The rightward path of the zigzag underline means self-reliance and the leftward path shows uncertainty. The longer the zigzag, the more unsure he is of his ability to be self-reliant and independent.

What information the I – Dot in the signatures reveals

An I – Dot in a signature is enough to reveal a lot about the writer’s personality. A creative i-dot shows that you love to stand out in the crowd and look a bit different from everyone around. A small, straight line used as an i-dot reveals the restless behavior of the writer and possibly seems to be always in a hurry. If a writer completely ignores to dot the i –dot, it shows that the writer does not heed to details and finds it very difficult to follow minute details. A long and continuous i-dot reveals that the writer is creative and intelligent. An I – dot placed much higher and far from the i reveals that the writer is ambitious in nature.

However, if the signature of a writer is completely different from the usual handwriting, then it shows that the writer does not desire to disclose everything about him. He wants to hide some aspects of his personality and therefore he creates a new “identity” by creating the signature with a totally different look.


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