As the world is changing so is the requirement for survival. Life has become more hectic and fast and less comfortable and peaceful. It is affecting human minds extremely. Frustrations are towering and feelings like happiness, peace and satisfaction are fading slowly. In this all mess people are falling prey to this thing called depression and they usually end up thinking about suicide and quitting their life.

It is true that depression cases are increasing and so are the suicide ratios all over the world but we being humans are also the very powerful medicine/remedy for that. We can save our loved ones and even others from being engulfed by this dangerous disease.

Keep asking your loved ones if they are OK. IF you notice any change their behaviors or routines do ask them if everything is alright. This simple communication can help save many lives.

There are certain steps to deal with such a situation which will be discussed here telling you about the appropriate way to get positive results.

First of all keep an eye if there are any negative changes in any person’s routine or personality. Ask them nicely about that change that you noticed.

If so you can ask them if they are feeling OK. If answer is negative then you can ask them if they need to talk about it. If inappropriate delay such discussion to another meeting when they feel comfortable to share and talk about it.

As you know the fast and furious routines have made us robots and we seldom find kind words and nice gestures. So just by simply caring for somebody and asking nicely can make them feel better and half of the problem gets solved there and then.

It gets awkward sometimes if you sit and keep looking in the eyes or face of troubled person. They might feel shy or odd to share anything in such close sitting. Therefore try discussing such details while doing some activity so that the person feels comfortable spilling out everything contained within easily. Like you can talk during gym, walk or cooking a meal.

Ask questions so that they elaborate it more. Don’t give any answers in the meantime. Don’t try to provide them with solutions. Let them figure it out themselves. Help them with the details but allow them to reach a final conclusion by themselves so that it is actually according to how they really feel.

If problem is getting worse try convincing them to see a doctor, maybe a psychiatrist. Medication and counseling would work well for them. If they feel suicidal counsel them and ask them to discuss it with their psychiatrist. And educate them to keep away from such things that can facilitate in suicidal attempt when they feel suicidal.

These simple tips can help you save many lives around you which would otherwise be lost or disabled due to mere negligence. If you can contribute towards anybody’s well-being by just giving few minutes of your day…. Why not??


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