People with rarest and strangest medical conditions

We have always heard that world is full of wonders. But it is not only full of positive wonders, there are also some gigantic awful wonders too, that prevail on this earth making us thankful for our normal lives. Here are some rarest and also strangest medical conditions that were found around the world and diagnosed. Almost all of them are not treatable till now.

People with rarest and strangest medical condition

Water allergy

 A girl was diagnosed with water allergy which means that she could not touch or drink water. When in contact with water she suffers from a rapid outbreak of rashes on her body. This is thought to be caused by the altered level of histamine in her body due to heavy treatment with penicillin for a long time. Histamine is responsible for allergic conditions. She cannot take shower as it causes allergy outbreak. This condition is named as “ Aquagenic Urticaria”.

The eat it all

A girl was diagnosed with a medical condition named “neonatal Progeroid Syndrome” in which she has to eat every 15 minutes in order to stay alive.  This was because this syndrome caused rapid aging and rapid fat loss. She eats whole day but still does not weigh more than 60 pounds.

Tree man

It was first diagnosed in Romania. A farmer was taken to the hospital and it was found out that he had the rarest medical condition called “ epidermodysplasia verruciformis”. In this medical condition person suffers from warts that are wood like and scaly. The warts grow larger and larger making the person unable to perform normal routine tasks.
Another man was also diagnosed with same issue in Indonesia in 2007.

The elephant man

“elephant man” In this condition the person started to develop lumps in his face, limbs and hips. He became very deformed in body shape and medical experts tried their best to find out what was really the issue with this man which caused these lumps but failed. He finally died at the age of 27.

The mysterious story of Benjamin buttons

This condition is called “progeria” in this condition the genes of person start aging rapidly. The person suffers from loss of hair and shrinkage of the face. Sam Berns was the man who was diagnosed with this condition first when he was only 22 months old. The experts did a lot of research on him and finally found out a cure for that which helped save many lives by prolonging their life span. 

Double uterus

A girl was diagnosed to have a double uterus and this medical condition is called “Uterus Didelphys”. In this condition the woman’s uterus is divided into two by a septum. The real sleeping beauty:
This condition is medically called “kleine-levin syndrome” which is a neurological condition. In this syndrome person tends to sleep a lot with a very little time of wakefulness, which also, is full of giddiness. A girl was diagnosed with this syndrome at the age of 16 and she sleeps for 22 hours in a day while in those two hours she is awake she behaves childlike and cranky.

The butterfly skin

A boy was diagnosed with this rare syndrome in which he could not perform normal activities of daily life, play or bathe etc because his skin is so sensitive that he gets blisters from such normal activities and these blisters are too painful. He has to wear bandages in order to keep himself safe from blisters. This medical condition is called as “ epidermolysis Bullosa”.


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