sanghoki hand re-player


I wanted a lightweight replayer so I could share hands with friends quickly. sanghoki allows you to enter your hands, but does little formatting and, in all honesty, isn\'t very nice to look at and doesn\'t animate.

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<p>So we all know that <a href=\"\"><strong>sanghoki</strong></a> is great, and it offers some wonderful functionality, but wow is it expensive. $150 sign up fee (??), then a monthly $25 subscription.. To be fair, the fees for this go to the experts running the site, and is probably a fair price to pay for their advice (Still not sure about the sign up fee though!).</p> <p>I wanted a lightweight replayer so I could share hands with friends quickly. <a href=\"\"><strong>sanghoki</strong></a> allows you to enter your hands, but does little formatting and, in all honesty, isn&#39;t very nice to look at and doesn&#39;t animate.</p> <p>Now I&#39;m not saying that my replayer is beautiful, but it does at least animate, and it&#39;s free. BUT:</p> <p>This is an early version, so it might not work!</p> <p>The graphics are mediocre. If someone wants to make them nicer, please contact me for details.</p> <p>It only works on <strong>sanghoki</strong> hand histories - I&#39;m planning on adding more.</p> <p>It only processes a single hand at once - again, I&#39;m planning on allowing unlimited numbers.</p> <p>It is written in JavaScript, so you&#39;ll have to have JS enabled in your browser.</p> <p>And that&#39;s about it. So go nuts, and animate your hands. If you&#39;ve got a great hand to show off, leave a comment on this blog entry. If you want to tell me it&#39;s rubbish, leave a comment. If you want to order your shopping, visit Tesco. Otherwise leave a comment. Thanks!</p> <p>Oh, and if you break it - don&#39;t worry. I would appreciate it if you could send me the hand history that broke it, and describe how it wasn&#39;t working properly. Cheers.</p> <p>The almighty micro shove</p> <p>Heh. I enjoyed this. Sat down today to play some cash games - since I don&#39;t really have enough consecutive time to play SNGs recently - and was dealt AA first hand.</p> <p>View hand in the re-player. Yes I know it&#39;s only $0.01/$0.02, but still - if I keep having hands like this, I&#39;ll be able to move up in no time :)</p> <p>I hung around to take some more of this plank&#39;s money before he left. I really expected him to call my shove, seeing as he was getting very close to 3-1. Still.. he obviously wasn&#39;t thinking about odds up to that point, so why should he start now?</p> <p>Some of the players at these lowest of the low limits are truly stupendously awful. I suppose they are playing for peanuts though, so I can&#39;t expect to encounter any serious skill. I&#39;m finding the PokerStars 6 seat tables much easier than the 10 seaters on Paradise, so with any luck it won&#39;t take me long to move up to the $0.02/$0.04 level.</p> <p>Since I&#39;m currently buying in for $2, and I want a roll to cover 10 buy ins, I need to earn another $28 (14 x buy in) before I can step up to buying into the higher level with $4. I am hopeful I can do this in two months. Fingers crossed.</p> <p><a href=\"\"><strong>sanghoki</strong></a></p> <p><strong>Web : <a href=\"\"></a></strong></p>


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