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What should I do if I read a good article and learn how to write, but can't remember those good sentences?

For every sort of crowd, you should change your writing style, the degree of unpredictability, the mcessay substance, and so on.

That is to build a novel library

You need to know why people write well, is it because of the frequent occurrence of golden sentences? Maybe some books drop like this! But most of them are not

What is writing? Writing is to make words and sentences. So, what if I want to practice writing well, but don't want to lay the foundation? Will it be possible to build a novel library?

Prepare a few books. From now on, every time you read novels, books, and any kind of text, sort out these commonly used vocabularies in writing. Let me give you an example:

What kind of laughs are there: smile, sneer, smirk, wild laugh…

What are the names of mountains: mountains, peaks, ridges, hills...

Various names for eyes: eyes, good gaze, eyesight...

There are several names for hitting: hitting, flattening, beating, pumping, patting, kicking…

There are several ways of writing: he speaks, red lips lightly, and directly connects the language after the action...

Ancient verses, sentences that curse people…

Secretly in love with other people's actions, looks...

Prepare the basics that need to practice writing, you have the goods in your stomach, and the words you write are naturally elegant and docile.

I force myself to only look at meaningful works, and constantly look at works that shock the soul to raise my height, and finally restrain myself based on those feelings in my life habits and raise my own standards. Constantly make my heart tend to the atmosphere of literature, and then I can naturally write a very beautiful literary style with handwriting.

Unless you want to learn that kind of rigid, artificial, copied from various other places. The process of cultivating the kind of literary talent that would be praised by mediocrities is very easy, but it will only be at this level for a lifetime. Such a writing acumen will come with training. However you should also focus on grade miners review while writing essay.

Although writing is important, it is not in the first place. Instead of focusing on external decoration and trying to improve the so-called "writing", it is better to focus on the inner core and spend more energy to expand your thinking. Why are there so many similar and homogeneous works on the market? Because as long as they poke away their gorgeous skins, people will find the same emptiness and nothingness inside.

And, why do we have to remember and then use it? Is this the same as reading the text and writing silently? Writing an essay is not taking an exam. There is no reason to copy other people's things instead of creating your own.



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