Leyi Plastic is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of medical bags for hospital use. We have supplied our medical bags to several famous US medical groups and companies for more than 10 years, and established a long-

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<p><br /> 4. Assess whether you need to use bags as <a href=\"http://www.leyi-medbags.com/html/en/products/reclosableziplockbags/\">reclosable zip-lock bags</a> - if you don&#39;t need to use them, then don&#39;t</p> <p>5. Re-use plastic bags as much as possible</p> <p>6. Recycle the bags you can&#39;t reuse by taking them back to the grocery store for recycling (or utilizing other plastic bag recycling programs)</p> <p>7. Avoid unnecessary use by telling the <a href=\"http://www.leyi-medbags.com/html/en/products/reclosableziplockbags/\">3-wall zip-lock bags</a> you don&#39;t need a bag for one or two items</p> <p>Reusable bags are the solution</p> <p>A sturdy, reusable bag will last for years, and only needs to be used 5 times to have a lower environmental impact than a single-use bag.</p> <p>It&#39;s not difficult to use a reusable shopping bag... but it is a choice to make it a priority.</p> <p>The solution to reducing plastic bag waste is literally in the bag: use less bags in the first place. And, if you do have to use one, then be creative in getting multiple uses out of it. And when this isn&#39;t an option, be sure to recycle it.</p> <p><a href=\"http://www.leyi-medbags.com/html/en/products/biohazardspecimentransportbags/\">medical specimen bags</a> may help to think of the three types of bags this way: In the event of a disaster, your everyday carry gear gets you from where you are to your get home bag. Your get home bag gets you to your bug out bag. And your bug out bag is designed to keep you safe for an extended period of time.</p> <p><a href=\"http://www.leyi-medbags.com/html/en/products/emesisbags/\">http://www.leyi-medbags.com/html/en/products/emesisbags/</a></p>


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