jala 428  Weekend pt2 Poker friends or Foes.??


The payout structure for the pokerstars 750k guaranteed was all messed up this week. I guess they weren’t prepared to get 5506 players, which is over1300 more players then last weeks tournament. The big sunday

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<p>Every Year this day I sit and ask myself why I get in these dumb ass pools. This year I had a cool 3 Grand out to bar pools and at places where if i didnt play cards or once hustled theres no way I would be in these places let alone chub up 500 for one of their pools. Although I dont know what I&rsquo;m thinking half the time, why wouldnt big Raheem from the Panther Club pay me right?? Well I won absolutely nothing on the <a href=\"https://jalaslot428.me\"><strong>jala slot 428</strong></a>&nbsp; but The over the weekend I went pretty even. Friday started with my friends small 1/2 no limit game and let me tell you about the action here, IT started out with everyone buying it for 100 and the max bet max have been 25$ but that turned suddenly when the kid everyone knows as the one who won 100K on the computer, showed up. Right then you saw the real card players put an extra 200 behind their chips because you knew this kid was firing some bombs. Wellan hour in I was down 500. Geez 500 in this game was tough considering the competetion but what the hell i was having fun. Playing with my buddy Dave is always alot of fun hes always got a story or is busting someones balls or is losing a big pot and throwing the cards across the table and saying they slipped. After breaking even on one hand where I called 75 dollars flat with Kd and a red 3, the flop came all diamonds and the kid pushed all in. Well I called with out looking at my other card and need less to say I took the pot down and I broke even.</p> <p>Now theres nothing I like more than to meet new people, see new places and play cards. With this poker crazy I think its great because everyones got a home game here and there and everyone plays poker. You meet some people that you wouldnt ordinarily associate with, but dont you think sometimes this just puts you in bad situations?? I wanna know if its really worth it going to a bunch of different games and meeting all these people cause it seems like for every 5 or 6 nice people, theres 1 who gonna fuck you some time down the road. Its happened to me three times this year so far where of course im at a game and someone wants to borrow or borrow on my name with the Book and im fine with it cause they seem they are good for it, they know everyone there and there all friends. Well this is the guy you dont see till you step in another game 30 miles away for the first time and at first glimpse hes raking in a huge pot, and then he wants to pretend like your the one whos not around for the last month. Hey if ya aint got the money tell me, dont treat me like a jack off and disappear. IM not gonna beat ya up anymore or have Dave ( 6&prime;1 big irish guy, did 10 weekends in jail at 17*) come at ya, cause hell health insurance costs big money, and the last thing i wanna do is break a hand and not beable to click my m ouse. Write a comment or two let me know what ya think..Bobby</p> <p>The big sunday tournament report</p> <p>Both this week and last week the final two made a deal so I dont have the exact numbers for first and second. But last week there was $268,188 in the final two and this week with $150,000 more in the prize pool there was just $2,500 more for the final two. And 3rd through 7th all got less this week then last they would have gotten in last weeks tournament with 1300 less players. The problem was that they paid it out to bottom heavy. Here are official payouts from the pokerstars blog</p> <p>IrYak made back to back to back final tables in Party Pokers 500k guaranteed tournaments. Last week he came in 7th and this week he came in 6th. It doesnt pay as much as coming in first just once, but I think its a lot more impressive. It would be cool if a poker room set up a promotion awarding a prize(like a new car) to players who make back-to-back final tables in their big weekly tournament.</p> <p><a href=\"https://jalaslot428.me\"><strong>jala slot 428</strong></a></p> <p><strong>Web : <a href=\"https://jalaslot428.me\">https://jalaslot428.me</a></strong></p>


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